Take your ears
for a SPYN!

DSPS26 MV2 Audio Speaker Management System

Our versatile speaker management system covers just about any need you may have for your venue. Consider EQ, crossover, limiter and delay all rolled in one, and able to control 6
outputs. Plus you can preprogram your set digitally either through an easily accessible USB input in the front or RJ45’s in the back. The lit displays in front allow you to visually monitor each
individual output and input and all this comes with software included.

• Cover all the bases with a single space unit
• Digital EQ, Limiter and Crossover functions
• 2 channels in and 6 out
• USB input in front
• RJ45’s in rear
• Balanced XLR input and outputs
• LCD display to monitor functions
• 192KHz sampling frequency
• 32 bit A/D D/A converter
• 32 bit DSP processor
• Programmable functions to recall and copy
• Password option
• 6-band EQ
• Software included
• 110/220 V
• 5/CTN
DSPS26 MV2 Audio Speaker Management System