“The best ‘dollar to watt’ ratio on the market”! Independent comparisons by premier audio retailers and contractors proved that  the SLX4500LD and the SRX3300 either performed on par with, or exceeded performance of other top brands costing 2 to 3 times more than SPYN.

SLX 4500 SLX 3700 DA 3200

SLX 4500

Class H Pro Amplifier 4500W

SLX 3700

Class H Pro Amplifier 3600W

DA 3200

Class H Light Weight Pro Audio Amplifier
3200 Watts

SRX 3300 SRX 2800 DJ 1350

SRX 3300

Class H Pro Audio Amplifier
4400 Watts

SRX 2800

Professional Power Amplifier
2400 Watts

DJ 1350

Professional Power Amplifier
1400 Watts

DL 600    

DL 800

700 W Pro Amp